[TRAVEL GUIDE] Recommendation for overseas fans coming to JJ FM in Jakarta ^^


We cannot emphasize enough about choosing the safest transportation method for yourself but our advise is please choose wisely.
The most recommended transportation is by using a taxi (cab) is and the best taxi in line is Blue Bird.
Here is their site : http://www.bluebirdgroup.com/passenger-transportation/regular-taxi-blue-bird-pusaka
To order a cab just call (021) 79171234. Blue bird comes in two logos. The light indicator come in two design. One is an egg the other is a bird.
Other options of taxis are : Silver Bird (premium cabs of Blue Bird), Express & Tiara (premium cabs of Express).

This blog gives good information about taxi in Jakarta  http://blog.gotravelindonesia.com/2010/06/jakarta-taxi-safety/ [Please read them carefully.]
If the cab is run down, the windows are in very dark shade, and has been parking on the road for quite some time, avoid it.
If you cannot find the cabs mentioned above, please wait.
If you have no choice, please make sure you travel in groups, not just two girls, especially at night.


Please note that it’s very hard to get taxi to get out of MEIS, Ancol area. Prepare your transportation. Rent a car. If you need KJJ INA’s help just email us at kimjaejoong.indonesia@gmail.com.


Inside Ancol premises:

Mercure Convention Centre Ancol – 4 stars
English site: http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-5473-mercure-convention-centre-ancol/index.shtmlMandarin site: http://www.accorhotels.com/zh/hotel-5473-mercure-convention-centre-ancol/index.shtml
Notes about the transportation to the venue:
-By Taxi : Make sure to ask the hotel to order a cab for you a few hours before (some cabs refuse to take you to your destination if it’s too close, however, Blue Bird taxi by company regulation cannot refuse your request, but please give them more tips)
– You can walk to MEIS. Well it’s a long walk, make sure to bring umbrella & water since the weather can be quite hot in the afternoon. After the fanmeet, if there is no cab, you can just walk to the hotel

Aston Marina – 4 stars

Sites : http://www.aston-international.com/ourhotels_overview.php?id=MjU=&gclid=CNHM1smQzLICFVEf6wodXg0Asg

Notes :
– Cabs are quite easy, exclude if its on the peak hours, it’s best way just ask the hotel to call it for you.
(some cabs refuse to take you to your destination if it’s too close, however, Blue Bird taxi by company regulation cannot refuse your request, but please give them more tips)

A little further from Ancol – 15-30 minutes by cabs:

Novotel Mangga Dua Square – 4 stars
English site: http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-5704-novotel-jakarta-mangga-dua-square/index.shtmlMandarin site: http://www.accorhotels.com/zh/hotel-5704-novotel-jakarta-mangga-dua-square/index.shtml
Notes:- Attached to a mall “Mangga Dua Square” & Carrefour
– Located at the main road, easier to get cabs

Orchardz Hotel – 3 star
Sites : http://jakarta.orchardzhotel.com/reservation.asp?Paket=1Notes:
– Not expensive. Decent and clean hotel.
– Popular with weddings & families.

Amaris Hotel – 3 star hotel
Sites : http://www.amarishotel.com > Jakarta > Amaris Hotel Mangga Dua Square
– It’s located in Mangga Dua Square, behind Novotel.
– It’s the cheapest rate you can get


In the airport, there’s a lot of “concierge” who will want to help you with your bag. Never let them touch your bag unless you have problem with heavy luggage. They won’t hesitate to snatch your bag from you in order to “help” you. Just say “No, thanks” or just ignore them. If you do require their service, their tips is about Rp20,000 – Rp30,000 (US$2-US$3) and that’s already generous amount. If they ask for more just ignore them. If you want to tip outside the airport, tipping in Indonesia ranges from Rp 2,000 to Rp 10,000. (US$0.2 to US$1)

If you have extra time after Jaejoong’s fanmeet, please enjoy Jakarta. Ancol actually have a lot of sightseeing objects like Dunia Fantasy, Gelanggang Samudra, etc and they has one of the best seafood resto in town: Bandar Jakarta or enjoy a cocktail on the beach at Segarra Cafe. You can visit our luxurious shopping malls or visit ITC Mangga Dua (near Ancol), the trade center & shop till you drop.

Credit : Jaejoong’s Angel
Shared by : KJJ_INA


7 thoughts on “[TRAVEL GUIDE] Recommendation for overseas fans coming to JJ FM in Jakarta ^^

  1. Is it okay if I add a few more info following the post above? Not sure if it’ll be useful but If I may add other than Blue Bird, Express, Tiara, there’s also White Horse (http://www.whitehorse.co.id/) and Gamya (http://www.gamya.com/home.html) (formerly in the same management company as Blue Bird and adopting the same system but slightly lower price than blue bird)
    Alternatively, you could also use Transjakarta (http://www.transjakarta.co.id/) to commute to the city center
    For shopping mall, you might want to try Grand Indonesia (a huge shopping mall) next to Grand Hyatt Hotel, Sarinah Thamrin and Pasaraya Blok M if you interested to buy Indonesian batik and handicraft/souvenir, Thamrin City (close to Grand Indonesia) if you’re looking for cheaper/affordable batik, best if you bargain ^_^
    Where ever you are please never leave your bag unattended and if you walk on the street or using public transportation make sure to place your bag in front of your chest, not hanging behind your back, just to be safe ^__^
    Wishing you have a good time in Jakarta!

  2. Thank you so much for this useful tip.♥♥♥ Can’t wait to see Jaejoong and be in Jakarta!

    PS: Any recommendation for good and reliable Jakarta evening or day tour operator? We saw on internet but not cheap, for 2 pax, min USD70.

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  4. We will go to JAKARTA from JAPAN !
    We worry about cab for after FANMEETING..,so we do not decide the HOTEL.
    MERCURE is a Best ?
    If we choose this hotel, how the RESTAULANT ?
    Are there restatulant or shops??
    ifpossible advice to us plz !

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