[REPORT] KJJINA Activity in 2012

#1 FANSUPPORT For Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting in Indonesia

We finally have time to edit the pictures & put together this post. Here are the gifts we prepare for Jaejoong Fanmeeet. The theme for the fan gifts are traditional gifts, things that will remind Jaejoong of Indonesia’s rich culture. The gifts were all collected by SH Entertainment one day before the fanmeet.

Premium leather Wayang “Arjuna & Srikandi”
Arjuna & Srikandi are two prominent figures in wayang stories. Arjuna, the Handsome Ksatria-Warrior of Pandawa is considered the finest archer and a peerless warrior, the only undefeated hero in the Mahabharata. His character is described as one who has pure of heart or sinless, smart, strong willing but gentle heart. He’s loyal to his friends and will do the best for them, he’s good looking and good manner man, so he’s the symbol of “the best of man”. Does this remind you of someone? 😀

Srikandi is described as one who has strong willing for high achievement, who turn the weakness into power. Srikandi is charming and attractive. Her progressive attitude is shown by her capability of being an archer, a skill she learnt from Arjuna. In short, she is a “female warrior”. Srikandi is a strong symbol for dynamic progressive women in Indonesia.

For Jaejoong, we choose the finest wayang kulit from premium leather, detailed carving and tortoiseshell handle.

Orchid welcome flower

Miniature Indonesian traditional instruments (kendang, gong, gamelan, kecapi) and Mask

Traditional music instruments: Angklung & Suling (both are from bamboo)

Miniature Drum set

Wine and personal care

Jae to the Joong tee

Muwon Standee, the Muwon twins were very popular with fans ^^

Food support with RockJJ
We prepare food support for Jaejoong and the staff, along with nasi tumpeng and kue tampah jajan pasar arranged to create “JJ”

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this project a success.

Thank you RockJJ for the food support, banners and the fans

Thank you CielJJ for the gorgeous neon green “For Jaejoong’s Happiness” wristband.

Thank you for the coordinators of transportation who take care of the fans safely to their destination

KJJ INA cannot mention your name one by one, but we can’t thank you enough for those who have actively helping us distributing banners, light sticks, preparing fan gifts, arranging food support and many many more. Timing was rushed, but we all did our best.

Lastly, KJJ INA admins would like to apologize for any flaws or error on our parts or if somehow we have let people unsatisfied. If there is another opportunity, we promise you we will do better. Please keep supporting us to support Jaejoong & JYJ in Indonesia.

Thank you *BOWS*

With gratitude,

Btw our photographer’s SD card was damaged and a lot of pictures cannot be rescued. If any of you managed to take picture of our activity during the FM, please kindly email us at kimjaejoong.indonesia@gmail.com.

Thank you.

#2 Hearts Projects with JYJWorldwide

The list who participated in this projects :


The hearts that we managed to collect and sent :





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