[INFO] Jaejoong’s Repackaged “Y” Mini-Album : List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart


Track List Information Here

List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart

1) SYNNARA: http://www.synnara.co.kr PRE-SALE now available
Important! Please read these messages: About Foreign Customer Information Link and  Kpop fans outside of Korea Link (Buy using Paypal, email)

2) YES24: http://www.yes24.com PRE-SALE now available

3) KYOBO: http://music.kyobobook.co.krPRE-SALE now available

4) ALADIN: http://music.aladin.co.krPRE-SALE now available

5) KPOPMART: http://www.kpopmart.com/PRE-SALE now available

6) HOTTRACKS: http://hottracks.co.kr/PRE-SALE now available

7) INTERPARK: http://book.interpark.com/PRE-SALE now available

8) GMARKET: http://english.gmarket.co.krPRE-SALE now available

9) KPOPTOWN: http://kpoptown.com/ PRE-SALE now available

10) DVD HEAVEN: http://www.dvdheaven.com/ PRE-SALE now available
                   Mini Album [Y] + Poster in Tube  /  Mini Album [Y] + Folded Poster  /  Mini Album [Y] 

11) YESASIA: http://www.yesasia.com/ PRE-SALE now available
                   Mini Album [Y] +…

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