[CHARITY PROJECT] Jaejoong Fans, let’s help the flood victims and the homeless~!

Hello Jaejoong Fans,

Last week, Jakarta was hit by heavy flooding putting Jakarta under emergency state until end of January. Many shops and business have been forced to close, while about 20 thousand people were left homeless and are now in temporary shelters.

We would like to encourage fans to donate for the flood victims who are homeless now. The donation will be used to buy urgent necessities such as clean water, baby’s formula, food, clothing or medicine. Continue reading


[OPEN PO] Jaejoong Pouch You can get Kim Jaejoong in your bag

To spread the Jaejoong waves in Indonesia


OBJECTIVE : All the profits from  pouch sales will be used  to buy  more CDs  so we can spread about Jaejoong’s music. These CDs will be given to the selected well-known media (online music sites, radio & magazine).


You want Kim Jaejoong in your bag? Get your own KIM JAEJOONG POUCH NOW!

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[REPORT] KJJINA Activity in 2012

#1 FANSUPPORT For Kim Jaejoong Fan Meeting in Indonesia

We finally have time to edit the pictures & put together this post. Here are the gifts we prepare for Jaejoong Fanmeeet. The theme for the fan gifts are traditional gifts, things that will remind Jaejoong of Indonesia’s rich culture. The gifts were all collected by SH Entertainment one day before the fanmeet.

Premium leather Wayang “Arjuna & Srikandi”
Arjuna & Srikandi are two prominent figures in wayang stories. Arjuna, the Handsome Ksatria-Warrior of Pandawa is considered the finest archer and a peerless warrior, the only undefeated hero in the Mahabharata. His character is described as one who has pure of heart or sinless, smart, strong willing but gentle heart. He’s loyal to his friends and will do the best for them, he’s good looking and good manner man, so he’s the symbol of “the best of man”. Does this remind you of someone? 😀

Srikandi is described as one who has strong willing for high achievement, who turn the weakness into power. Srikandi is charming and attractive. Her progressive attitude is shown by her capability of being an archer, a skill she learnt from Arjuna. In short, she is a “female warrior”. Srikandi is a strong symbol for dynamic progressive women in Indonesia.
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PS : KJJ_INA is the coordinator project for Indonesia, if you live overseas please ask us so we can direct you to the contact person in your country. Thank You.

Natal sudah dekat!!! Kalian mau donk kasih hadiah natal untuk Jaejoong. Seperti yang Jaejoong katakan sendiri di majalah ELLE dan juga di fan meeting Vietnam, kita fans Jaejoong harus mendukung dia baik sebagai Kim Jaejoong dan juga sebagai anggota grup JYJ.

Maka dengan ini KJJ_INA bergabung dengan Proyek Our Heart for JYJ yang juga diikuti oleh Fans dari Singapore, Philipina, Thailand,USA, Spanyol, dan berbagai negara lainnya.

Bagaimana caranya?

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[FANVID] Fans’ Letter to Jaejoong from Indonesia fans + Boy’s Letter lyrics

credits : KJJ_INA & ROCKJJ


Thank you again for fans who participated in this fanvid project. We would never have done it without you ^__^


Ada seorang gadis yang hanya mencintaiku
나밖에 모르는 소녀가 있죠
There’s a girl who only loves me

Selalu menyinari diriku bagaikan sebuah bintang
언제나 제자리에서 나를 밝혀주는 별 같은
who’s always there, shining on me like a star

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[ALERT] Grouping KJJ_INA Transport

This is the newest grouping for KJJ_INA please check carefully which one is your group and what time you need to standby :

Standby at your hotel lobby  02:00 PM Departure 03:00 PM

Standby at Lobby 1 02:00 PM Departure 03:00 PM

Standby at Citra Land main lobby 01:00 PM Departure 02:00 PM

We are asking for your cooperation to standby ONTIME since the gate will be open at 05:00 PM and we can’t forecast the traffic jam in Jakarta. For those who missed the departure time, sorry, we can’t wait for you. Again, please be advised of your Group standby and departure time.

Thank you


[TRANSPORTATION] Registration open now ! Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Indonesia


As you all know, getting safe & reliable transportation inside MEIS is not easy. Therefore, KJJ_INA would like to help fans who attend Jaejoong FM in Indonesia on November 3, 2012.

For those staying in Mercure Convention Center Ancol, please don’t worry, “Wara Wiri” Bus is serving the Ancol area until 12 PM.

We going to coordinate the transportation To and From the Venue which is MEIS Ancol Jakarta.
If you would like to join us, please email us to jaejoongstee@gmail.com
2) Email format:
– Name:
– Cellphone number:
– Number of people:
– Which country are you from:
– If you’re staying in a hotel, state your hotel:
1) Penting! Harap beri judul email: TRANSPORTASI
2) Format email
– Nama:
– No HP
– Jumlah orang:
– Anda berangkat dari mana: (misalnya dari arah Tangerang, Kedoya, Pulogadung, dsb)
– Kemana arah pulang kalian: Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi, etc.
– Jika kamu tinggal di hotel, sebutkan hotel apa:
The latest admision is on Thursday October 25th 2012 @ 08:00 PM KST
Pengiriman email terakhir kami terima sampai dengan Kamis 25 Oktober 2012 Jam 18:00 WIB